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Jul 6, 2013 - "This is usually the part where people start screaming." - Gabriel Sylar, Heroes.

Zachary Quinto, le Sylar de Heroes, un citoyen modèle au ...

A relatively new player to the DotA scene, Sylar began his career in early 2011, joining World Elite. However, upon ZSMJ 's departure from LGD and retirement from DotA in late 2011, Sylar left World Elite to join LGD. Trivia . Known for having a habit of placing … Peter Petrelli/Sylar | Gabriel Gray - Works | Archive … Heroes: Volume 5; Romance; Summary. Sylar looked at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. He had a few days of beard stubble, his cheeks were flushed and his pupils were huge, as if he were high. And then he smirked at his image because he was high — high on endorphins, high on lust, high on Peter. All that over a kiss that didn’t even happen. It made him laugh out loud and that’s how Sylar - Dota 2 player database | GosuGamers Sylar got into computer games under the influence of his cousin. They were living together when he was a kid and Sylar was always watching him playing the games on his computer. His cousin was always trying to get him to play with him. Eventually he succeeded. Sylar wasn't playing any other games beside DotA and Ral Three, and the first time he was exposed to DotA was in 2010.

Sylar: Personnage de Heroes: Saison 3. Informations biographiques: Nom complet Gabriel Gray Alias Gabriel Gray, Drew O'Grady, Nathan Petrelli, Agent spécial Andrew Hanson, Rebelle: Surnom(s) le croque-mitaine, Brain Man, le méchant, Gabe Adresse New York: Résidence appartement de Sylar: Genre Informations physiques: Cheveux noirs Pouvoirs connus Aptitude intuitive Pouvoirs acquis actuels Gabriel Gray | Heroes Wiki | Fandom Gabriel Gray (alias Sylar, after his favorite brand of wristwatch) is the main antagonist of the Heroes series.He was once a casual watchmaker until he was visited by Chandra Suresh who identified him as Patient Zero, and revealed advanced humans to him.From there on, Sylar became a serial killer by examining other advanced human's brains to replicate their power, killing them. Sylar | Villains Wiki | Fandom Sylar is the overall main antagonist of the TV show Heroes. He serves as one of the two primary antagonists of the first season (the other being Daniel Linderman), and later a recurring primary antagonist of the rest of the series, up until the end of the fourth season, where he redeems himself and becomes a protagonist. He is a superhuman who has the ability of Intuitive Aptitude (to

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Sylar (Gabriel Gray) is a fictional character and a primary antagonist of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. Portrayed by Zachary Quinto, he is a  Jan 24, 2018 Discovering his ability of intuitive aptitude, he realized he could figure out how abilities worked and how to gain more. Sylar became a serial killer,  Jan 5, 2015 In one of the most iconic scenes from Season 1, Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) finally face off against each other. Season 1. Sylar's real name is Gabriel Gray and he started out as a watchmaker. Initially, he had a talent for knowing how things worked simply by looking at  Jan 27, 2015 Read the Zachary Quinto Heroes Reborn comments. The actor says he will not reprise the role of villain Sylar for NBC's upcoming miniseries.

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Heroes Reader Inserts - Sylar [Gabriel Gray] - Wattpad

Sylar is a fictional character and a primary antagonist of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes. Portrayed by Zachary Quinto, he is a superpowered serial